Monday, January 26, 2015

Windows from my Life, oh and RIM

Rare Item Monday today is the Rare,

My sister would have liked two words and change one of them into purple or green.

I wouldn't at all.

Oh, and by the hint yesterday, yes, I am showing you some things in my house... so yea.

I have been working on this Phantom Etch a Sketch for a while, and it is as fuzzy as it looks. I think I'll fix it up some day later.

For some reason I have this in my room. You can't see at all the specks of blood from my attempts to accidentally cut myself mwa haha 
This is a dirt bike if you were wondering.
No, it's not real, but I always liked tigers from the start. Of course, crazyd94 does not really look like a tiger, more like some evil purple phantom thing.
Here you can compare the basketball I got for Christmas and my old Rookie Spalding. There is a very big difference.
This is the laptop I am typing with right now. I did this all on Friday, btw. The mouse on the side is an old one, not a cool black one laced with silver...

In damage currently, but good condition. Just need to find that Tek Dek Screwdriver.
My LG expression 2. Not the best but OK.
I made this a long time ago. It's about Minecraft. :D
On my door. So obvious now.
Guess what is taped on there.
My sister hates the snake, hehe.
Der. Live now=Awesome

The three go together pretty well.
I like basketball, I guess.
How do you throw a foam Nerf ball and take a photo at the same time? Magic.

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