Thursday, January 29, 2015

Not So New News

Well, we have news already, even though there was one last week. And there's not much actually new news.
Delivery time. Deliver valentines too all the animals in Jamaa. Play it now when you click the parties button.
It's pretty devastating when you get to the last letter. Hey look at what happened here.
Ex-squeeeeeeeeze me?
OK, the phantoms may be bad but I never thought they would say rotten.

JK! Actually I bet some really emotional adventure ppl would go worser.

Same thing as last time... sorta.

We also got to see what the first owl looks like. Kinda disappointing, but otherwise, I present to you Rose.
As the third bird that is here the owl probably is like eagles in a way but definitely a lot smaller. Because Rose only hops and dances we do not know if owls can fly higher than most animals like eagles, but maybe has the same ways as the eagle does. The second flying bird joins the penguin and the eagle.

Reminder, They are Coming the video.


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