Friday, December 5, 2014

The Phantoms of Kani Cove

Some say this is a true story. Some believe it's not. But whether it's true or not, I present you,...the story of Kani Cove's shipwreck.

The Phantoms wanted revenge.They ached to pay back the Jammers some day,... but their efforts were not enough. They tried everything. To attack by sky, rain Phantoms from a volcano, kidnap Greely, but they could not suceed. Angrily the Phantoms that remained decided to build a frigate; that would be well armed and destroy the land of Jamaa by sea. While they were building a group of sharks and dolphins overheard their plan and called the sea and land animals for help. They quickly gathered and told Mira, who asked Liza if they could borrow The Blue Heron. Liza, of course, was deeply maddened that The Blue Heron was to be used for war even though it was a simple steam ship. To please Mira the Alphas built another ship, the same colors as the original The Blue Heron it was called The Blue Shaman. 

The Phantoms were finally done building their ship. The frigate was horrifying and struck fear in all who saw it. Fish swam away from the dark menace as it came closer and closer to Jamaa's shore. They were about to shoot when The Blue Shaman pulled up from a nearby cave!

The Phantoms fought as best as they could. The seals and penguins braced themselves as the noise rocked them back and forth. A cannon ball hit them in the helm of the ship. The animals on board held on to each other and, one by one, shot as well as they could.

Finally, both ships were ruined completely from top to bottom. A brave tiger shot to the best of his abilities, and Phantoms gaped in horror. The frigate was slowly moving, and then,..

the dark ship fell beneath the waves as the Jammers on The Blue Shaman gasped. Meville, the tiger who shot stared as the Phantoms sank in the area known as Kani Cove,...

Meville soon became a poupular sailor who arranged The Blue Shaman to be fixed. He announced that when you found all the animals in Kani Cove you would win a Toy boat pond, a toy that symbolized the epic battle between the Phantoms and Jammers. The shipwreck lay there for all to see.

When the Phantoms heard of this they clenched their fists. Someday,...

P.S. If you think this is not true, there's a few pieces of edvidence I left there. Plus this picture.
The Kani Cove shipwreck,..

P.P.S. The daily log in gift is a JINGLE BELL BRACELET!!!

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