Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yesterday I forgot to say the daily gift. It is a bag of gifts. Too late too say that now. Heehee.

However, today's daily gift is Candy Cane lights.
I'm going to check Epic Wonders for the birthstone.

Yup, I think it is it.

I made a new character today and its username is samcj (storage account Monster Cooljammer). Honestly I only made this account to keep old stuff I want to keep.

Anyways check out the new page, Master Jammers! See if you are a master Jammer.

We have new news!
You can buy the Gingerbread House in the Diamond shop!
We have a new game, 
New pets, new party,..
And members can get diamonds now if they log in on some days. Yay. Now they'll have plenty of diamonds to spend. 

That's it for today, so just read Master Jammers.

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