Tuesday, December 2, 2014


Every one's favorite season is here (I hope) and thankfully (even though Thanksgiving's over) Jamaa is giving us a lot of presents. And this time I know everyone loves presents (right?)!

I mean, too much makes us greedy and ungrateful so don't get too much (what am I saying? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH PRESENTS! HEEHEE) but we still have presents. Unless your parents are in a money shortage like mine.
I also forgot to tell you on Saturday I leveled up and really had to make a gif about it. It looks so awesome :D
I am now in level 13. It's so quick I'm glad I was recording. BTW MakeAGIF.com is really nice and free for gif-making. You can do it with pictures or YouTube videos. Think of it like Screencast-o-Mactic (I use Atomic Presenter) . It has a copyright symbol on the bottom, but still is free and sorta easy to use. Has anyone noticed level-up-ing looks like switching animals? Green light in a cylinder. Sorry for the grainy look I enlarged the gif alot.  And I forgot to expand the amount of time it took. That's why it ended early.
Here's the video!

Anyways about the present thing. You can buy an elf hat at Animal Jam Outfitters for 200 gems.
Today's login gift is a Gingerbread streamer.
Now little delicious cookie men are ready to be hung in your house! Will they rebel and start a Animal Jam Revolution or will you eat them first?

I won't. Gingerbread is gross (in MY opinion.). Bring it, little cookie men!

In the diamond shop you can see the Santa bag lying in the corner.
I'm saying it, not the fox.
Of course it's mine. I'm giving it to all the little children in Jamaa. Of course I'm not giving it to myself. Of course it's not all mine.

Anyways in that bag of goodies you can buy all sorts of stuff in your winter den.

I'm tempted to buy that ice Phantom right there. No must resist temptation must save three diamonds for claws I am collecting must resist! 

And before I sign out,  just wanted to say I survived that TWO VERY VERY UNEXPECTED SHOTS on Monday.

At least I won't get meningitis. 

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