Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Phantoms: THIS time I tell it >:D

They lived on a planet with no name,...

with black goo spread around the dreary ground it looked as if the planet was merely space with no stars, except the inhabitants that dwelled in its darkness. Their fluorescent eyes stood out from the unnamed creatures' bodies which blended in with the black sky. The slime dwellers trudged across the surface endlessly and traveled across the the planet a thousand times. They harnessed the powers of a dark electricity and figured out how to put one to sleep with it. In that dark, they seemed to have no shape at all.

On the other side of the universe was a mysterious figure, who was plagued by loneliness. He longed for happiness and love, and finally decided to create a new world with them all, and make it from scratch. So the figure, now called Zios, journeyed to find a empty space where he can build. Of course, the dark figure-less creatures sensed danger and their world coming to an end. They all decided to find the presence and destroy it before it was too late. Thus they began to build what people now calls dark portals and devour the black goo that hugged their dark world. there was reasons why they did this. First it was to prevent theft of their precious magic. It also made them more powerful. The creatures who ate too little was devoured themselves in the deadly vastness of the universe, while the ones that ate massive amounts became huge and bulky. The ones who ate enough remained the same,...almost the same.

                                                                             It was lighter than air on their tongues, and had a slight taste to it. They left a few amounts on the empty planet, and disappeared through their finished portals. That was when Zios came across a empty space with no stars, which looked perfect when he found it and even more when he found a slimy magic that could change into anything. He was done building when the creatures came back to their home world. 

They blinked into the bright light. Some died on the spot while others gasped at the change in their world.Different animals of all shapes and sizes ran around buildings and color adorned their bodies. The planet now had a name, which we all know and love as the world Jamaa. The creatures' figures was now visible, changed by the power of the airy goo. They floated by the soul inside them and had eight legs, plus one eye as round as their head. As they stared horrified at the world that once was theirs. they knew immediately what had happened. And they would do anything to get it back.

They scattered at once, each planning to corrupt the land of Jamaa. They were called Phantoms, because of their ghostly soul. Their was only one mission they wanted to fulfill. That was to get their land, their world, their life back. And to destroy the inhabitants that lived upon it.

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