Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Pesky Phantoms

Apparently, those "pesky phantoms" :phantom:have hijacked the Twists and Turns game which probably was the reason why I was "walking on a portal". Thanks, phantoms. Anyways, if you were wondering Twists and Turns is temporarily closed.
Plus do you want diamonds? Peck gives us an opportunity...

Like what I said, the polar bear minibook is in the Chamber of Knowledge.

OK, and finally the Mop and Bucket is here so now you can wash your den with it.
And bye bye summer grill. Bye bye delicious BBQ. Bye bye, summer.
Well that's it for today. But just saying, here's what I think you should do now. Here's a clue:

1. Go to Daily Explorer
2.    :diamond:      :diamond:      :diamond:                 
(wink wink)
Finally, I should really get a new post tag. Because I don't have one,.


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