Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Let's Chat about,...Chat

Chat is one of the most important things in Jamaa. Without Chat we wouldn't be able to make deals with others and communicate. But there still a threat of swear words and so not all of us has free chat. We need to do the"active parent email" stuff and sometimes it's better to leave it. You're not allowed to say numbers because of private information and stuff so Jammers do the following:

It's sad that some of us has the annoying "..." thing. I have it and it IS THE WORST THING EVER! Not really but still.

Then recently I discovered that you no longer can use capital words anymore. So this:
,..is over. 
Do you think that we should have free chat? Why or why not? Should Animal Jam be able to trust us and our words? Do you think we have to be GOOD and change ourselves? 


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