Monday, November 10, 2014

Catch up

Sorry yesterday for the short post, I don't have enough time on Sundays. First of all, there's a diamond challenge in the Daily Explorer. Check it out sometime and maybe try to win some diamonds.
Aaaaaand today's Monday! Which means,.....Rare Monday! Yay.( darn I'm not a member.)
Today's rare Monday is the Rare Knitted Sweater. Get that and quickly get that Halloween stuff before it's too late! Today is the last day of the Halloween den and clothes items. 
You can see Jamaa is sweeping out the Night of the Phantoms stuff and bringing in fall. Perfect for Thanksgiving, I see.
BTW people I am now doing a almost-daily AJ Funny pic and posting it on my blog! Today's is this one:
If you really don't know, that's National Geographic WHICH WE ALL MUST KNOW AND LOVE TODAY. 
Anyways post a comment so I know you are alive, and maybe I will find you and track you and kill you. 

Just kidding!
No seriously, comment something.

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