Friday, May 15, 2015

Weird Mechanicisim and "Updates"

Here is a picture of pet animals that when clicked on become the actual animls. Except for tiger. Tiger when clicked on becomes the beta drawing, plus its the only one not really smiling.

Even though its not the best, it may be ok to use for labatory disection. Plus I don't even know why there's a such a thing as this. Who makes a mechanical picture?

Then again, who does geometry/algebra a year ahead of you while the rest of the class watches Percy Jackson and the whatever something stole thief?


Anyways, da Daily Explorer has been "updating" the arcade games, whatever, and making Jamaa a "safer" place.


Anyways, yes, I guess thats good for the Jammers, and all, but that doesn't mean that AJ is perfect. In fact, at the moment AJ is refusing to cooperate.


So I guess I'm going to close off as a short post today, but I'm going to plan the next story post which will be coming very soon (dun dun dun)

See ya, phantasmas.

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