Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Shrt Post (and things that'll make you say, "Oh, geez.")

Hello, and welcome to AJ Phantoms Blog!

I sound horrible already.

Anyways, Daily Explorer has already began to torture us by using the wrong pic for their "legend".
Legends of Jamaa: Taking a Stand

According to their legend, the remaining animals were the standard basic ones (monkey, wolf, bunny, tiger, koala, panda) and blah blah blah rised against us blah blah blah

Then why does this picture have three other animals?


Plus that tiger is running holding a sword. Is that possible? And that is a really weird collar.

Anyways, don't take their stories seriously anymore. In my opinion the quality went down really low ever since. I can't believe they make kids read it.

Fox claw.


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