Saturday, May 23, 2015


Hey, guys, I'm not in a good mood today so lets just start with a meme...
For this short post I just wanted to mention that there is not that much AJ memes that actually show jammers and just are dramatic representations of their character wearing all the spikes and stuff everyone else wears anyways.. Memes are like the comic strips of the modern day, and there are usually like a couple for for every game.

Sadly, AJ has tons of memes an. I'm planning to unleash most of them so far and have the largest variety of every meme.

And if that's the case, why don't you make some, too?

So pretty much some of the funniest memes are just made of these two things:

You should also have some form of a screen capture app to catch the funniest moments online.

Using something like Paint or Photoshop is pretty great for arranging the slides. Also have some fonts downloaded for extras, and include TikiIsland and Impact plus some other sans and sans serif font. Don't forget a personal signature, which is actually a pretty great way to stay awesome and copyright it at the same time.

See ya guys.

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