Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Shrt Pst

HI guys! Its Green tea Summer, AKA cutielol45, crazyd94's sis! crazy is not avilable today, so i had to sub for crazy.  Anyways, the news:  Greely's Imagination Fair is back! (I think)

Imagination Fair
This is the cool creations from last times STEAM!

Thank you NASA for the deep space items for ya dens!
We are also having a diamond challenge to celebrate!
Check out this link for more!
Have a great time, and good luck if ya entering!

So anyways, Today is obiously Sunday, and its Easter for those who celebrate, but Happy Easter, or Happy Jamming Jammers!
Bye! Cutielol45 BTW, I willl be making a new post tag since Im a memeber! Byeee

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