Thursday, March 5, 2015


hello ppl so during today in animal jam I got this in the mail
apparently super pie day only comes once every hundred years so aren't u lucky ur alive?
of course u are!
 also I have something new to post each week I will post something like this!
say hello to derpy 9tails each week she will tell some funny joke or
weird fact hope u like D.9.T
anyway check this weird pic I took on AJ
ok I admit nothing at that store is on sale but u don't half to say it out loud :P
anyway once again ppl are jerks and don't respect phantoms, phantoms are really cool I
mean check out this cool picture my friend and I did together

see? would u help this phantom out or would u kill it like the monster u r
a mean can u let down that face?
if u would then u got some problems
any way got to bounce see u on the flip side my peeps
my phantoms watch over u from above


  1. no i wouldn't help that face.. :3

    what a wimpy phantom...

    nice job on the artwork though.

  2. oh plus ya know what my animal's name is?

    MONSTER cooljammer

    couldn't help that I am a monster, you know


    1. really i tried to find the manliest name here was...

      lots of ppl have tried but failed.


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