Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pi, Lucky Day stuff, and YEA.

Only one more week until pi day.

Or, if you don't like pi, then just one more week until National Potato Chip Day.

Strange, the winter backgrounds are STILL here, and yet the whole Jamaa Township has changed.
 From the colorful TPed frienship thingy to the lucky fountain of youth...
Even the pot of gold in front of Liza's bamboo forest I dream of invading someday....

Speaking of Liza, how does she transition from adventures to more adventures, or is that the reason why she gave most of her New Jammer job to Peck a little while ago?

I'm blaming it on my phantoms. They're the hostile kind. Of course I can ask them to defend you, but they can repel the waves of AJ luck, right?

Phantom sight! Our phantoms have just reported from Bakoy Jamaa Township that some weird Jammers are doing some weird stuff! Everything from burritos and kings, now we got some more in our hands.
Actually, bros, you messed up. That's not weird, that's a horse hungry enough to eat a horse. Or pizza.


wait what does that mean?

Oh. This was taken before the previous. Dave do something right before I fire you!

May all my phantoms except for Dave watch over you.

Good tidings of Blackout.



In honor of our 1000th veiw, I am publishing the scamming web page TODAY!

Go there now.

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