Monday, February 2, 2015

Supeee Booooowwwllll, oh and rare monday

You can guess why I wasn't here yesterday, and if you don't know why, I will say a curse word that only could be disguised by this word.


Pretty awesome yesterday, half-time was weird, game was awesome. Mental Notes:

  • You could tell it was Tom Brady by the grass stain on his right shoulder, |:)
    Tom we get it.
  • What gets me is that they're called the New England Patriots, and though England was the country that took away America's freedom for a while, SO WHY ARE THEY CALLED THE PATRIOTS?
  • there was alot of awesome saves but the Seahawks fell short.
  • halftime was just weird. :|

And the rare Monday was some antennae. 6th page I think.
Bye gotta do an adventure..

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