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Project Phantasmaaaa: Creation and New Weapon

Okee dokee, sorry I was so caught up in computer programming sessions that I totally forgot about blogging.

:rainy:Good news, I did remember Project Phantasma. Bad news, I forgot to that too.



Seriously, guys I don't want to be one of those bloggers who make a totally awesome/bad blog and then after a few weeks or months or so you totally give up.


Even Khan Academy will not do that!!!!!


AJ has gave us a weapon that shall pierce your heart!
found in Epic Wonders
Notice that I am in Coral Canyons alot because of that phantomy glitch!

I love glitches. If AJ keeps on blaming the phantoms for good glitches, there's one reason to like them already.

And today while doing an adventure, my sister asked me this: why do you like phantoms and like killing them as well?!!!

I dunno. I feel the same way about Sir Gilbert.

As I said about Epic Wonders, best place to get weapons. 




And now, for the Project Phantasma Report 

*scoops up random cue cards from the floor*

*scrambles them together and reads first one*

Project Phantasma: Their Creation
What agitates me is that why doesn't anyone understand that the reason why AJ took out most of their legends section because it has facts that don't really relate to the newer worldd we're in right now. What I mean is, Animal Jam was supposed to be a virtual world game. Role playing and telling stories is fun, but they sacked the stories because they don't really make it a virtual world. I can talk about this later, but anyways.

In the newer versions, they said phantoms came from nowhere from dark portals (ooh, me! I wanna go in a dark portaaal tooo) in replacement of the more legendee one, that Mira was sad that Zios died, and cried phantoms. Actually a lot of people condemn Mira for this, and Team Mira don't blame her cause they realize her loss. Honestly these only explain how the idea of phantoms was invented (not came), and none explain where they keep on coming from, or in this case, the game term spawn. However.

In Meet Cosmo as soon as we discover boomseeds the phantoms create something too: PHANTOM SPROUTERS, DA WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT IS IN MEET COSMO. They actually sprout average looking phantoms, seriously some kind of mutant phantom. Why? They see you no matter where you are, unless you're in the grass (I'll explain how to kill easily in future videos with this advantage) plus it can't be treed (I already explained this in Adventure Phantoms. Click here.)

You can never be safe when they're on the loose.

Otherwise, Greely also mentioned they have no gender (so Blackout's not a boy :|) and they can't reproduce (eww) and basically sprouting mutant phantoms is pretty much the only thing they got.

But of course, there was a new adventure in October 2014, explaining the way those tricky weaselly phantoms tried to reproduce with CANDY. Thus making them as weak as a bubble.

Remember these?

Lesson: eat candy: you are what you eat: be as weak as a bubble.

Now that's paradoxical. Should we let the phantoms take all our candy for us and spawn more phantoms, or be as weak as a bubble?


Consider that phantom question on the top, and the bubble one.


AJ funny Pic of the day:

I hopes they resolve the conflict.

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