Thursday, January 8, 2015


Welcome, welcome. We have new updates and news again.
The Invasion of the Evil Chinese Fluffy Things have come to Jamaa! Get your Chinese Fluffy thing at the Diamond shop.
Learn about Chinese Fluffy Things if you click on the banners. And no, I am not racist, I am actually Asian too. So if you'll excuse me, I am going to a Bouncy House Party.
Oh, and this.
Another den item vote. Vote for your favorite, even thought they probably are all going to make it anyway.

A very mysterious puzzle is the clue to figuring out the next animal in Jamaa. Put it all together and,..

Boom. An owl. Boom! Looks like we are going to have more than one bird in Jamaa. Whoop.

A Jammer Snaps contest is here and due on Jan. 18. Read more at the Daily Explorer. If you're done with this go to the "Done reading today's post? Jump right in" thing at the left.

Last minute Comment!

Bye guys. I have to jump my heart out at this party.

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