Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm back.

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday or Saturday, I felt sick of sitting in a car for eight hours and it's practice for when I leave temporarily on the second of January. 

By the way, my sister's cuteylol45 (yes, that is her other character.) has experienced being in a German server.

cuteylol45 was also Stumble Snore in the Harris Potion series I am making,
Today's login gift! The Inflatable Snowman!

Aah, the Inflatable Snowman. A favorite among many. 
Hey! Cool!

New Year's Party!
They are selling all kinds of cool stuff here from over the years of Jamaa. Cool, a skull tombstone! Been looking for this.

Aaah. samcj's in the spirit. In a very wolfy spirit.
Here's some music.

And some clothes items.
Just let me play Super Villliany alittle bit.


Right now I am in a "Kill the Snowman Mood".
See ya! (pesky snowman. I will get him someday.)

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