Thursday, December 11, 2014

Celebration+How to make the perfect Jammaliday Themed Den/Party

The Daily Explorer posted this polar bear celebration pics. You should go see it!

Today's login gift is the Snowflake Decorations.
"Bah Humbug. No."
Today I will share some ideas for a Jammaliday party. It sounds alot like Christmas, but just note that you can modify it creatively so it'll be whatever you celebrate.

  1. Buy an appropriate den. A small house is fine, but if you save up enough you can get a Gingerbread den, which would be awesome considering the wintery style.
  2. Log in every day. If you do, you will receive a winter item, and normally it's a den item. This would be perfect for the inside.
  3. Buy, buy, BUY! Get an Epic Jammaliday tree and ornaments, den items, and if you can, trade or buy someone a present that you know they want. This will be a nice thing to do. Don't forget the winter items in the diamond shop. A fireplace is perfect! Get a Hot Cocoa Machine while you're at it.
  4. Organize the den. Put the Epic Jammaliday tree in a corner, maybe near a fireplace. With the ornaments you bought add it to the tree. Arrange it so they all have space and not too jumbled and crowded. Hang lights, decorations, everything around the walls. Be creative and put something cool on the top of the tree. A plushie? A Zios ornament? Who knows.
  5. Arrange the presents along the bottom of the tree. Put a Decorative ribbon on top (you can buy this at the Jammaliday Jam Party). Or, if you want the presents to be secret until you give it to the receiver, disguise it with a Bag of Presents on top, or plushies.
  6. On the day of the party, send invites! Write details, too.

Hope I helped, and see ya. Have a great Jammaliday Party!

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