Friday, November 28, 2014

'Tis the Season

Jamaa has already started to prepare for winter. Since Thanksgiving's over we are preparing for the cold holidays. Won't be a matter of time before Jamaa is covered in snow. When that happens it'll actually be my first( I started playing this summer...). Anyways the stores are now selling the topcoat so members can stay warm.
If you want you can buy other clothes at Mt. Shiveer in the Hot Cocoa hut thingy in the corner of the land. They have some new stuff too.

Anyways just to prepare for Christmas( or whatever you celebrate that includes giving) I will talk about how to make some Jammer's day by trading something they really want for something you want...just by looking.

OK, first you go to some place like Aldan( if you can) and look.
I couldn't get into Jamaa Townmanship so I went here...\
In this picture you can see an arrangement of different Jammers. Look closely. Can you see collectors of some type of armor? Or wearing some type of color? Maybe are asking for something?

The things they're wearing are  a clue to what they want. If you see anyone with Phantom armor on except for one crucial piece and you have it, look on their trade first. If you see anything you want you should trade for it.

Let's say there's a Jammer who's wearing all pink. She probably would give up something on her trade for some pink things, because she likes pink. Don't go overboard, like asking for a spike for four pink clothes items, because they probably won't accept. Another good idea is, if you have a different color item and see someone who wants that color for the color you want, go for it. That's what I did with an Arctic wolf before to get a rare black glove.

Hope I helped, and bye.

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