Friday, November 21, 2014

Plaques; Something to be Proud of

The Daily Explorer has posted something about plaques today. No, not the teeth plaque. PLAQUE. THE THINGY YOU HANG ON YOUR WALL THAT PEOPLE GO LIKE, COOOOOOOOL!!!

The easiest plaque you can get( and probably already have) is the SAFETY PLAQUE. Just go to the Chamber of Knowledge or the Conservation Museum and click on the floating Earth blue thingy.

Then go to Coral Canyons, go inside the Art Studio, click on the canvas and make a painting and send it to AJ HQ. If it gets posted on the Jamaa Central in Jamaa Township then you get the Art Plaque.
 On your way to see your painting in Jamaa Central SUBMIT A HOWL!

It can be anything, as long as you say something about Animal Jam. Those usually become published.

In Tierney's Aquarium or Brady Barr's Lab you can submit a question and hopefully they actually answer it. Then you get a plaque. Then enter the Jammer Snaps contest, win, and get on Jamaa's News Crew. More plaques! Gotta collect them all! Hehehe. Today's funny pic:
See ya dudes!

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