Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Fall Fall ( this time for real)

OK, this time it's fall for real. The phantom stuff went away and now we got the fall hit Jamaa!

Aah. And not just that, We got news!
Sky Kingdom has arrived! It is currently the biggest den ever and can be bought in the diamond shop! It has a castle, forest and small village( these dens should come with maps.). 
Little lions have also come, and they can also be bought in the diamond shop. Yes, evryone knows polar bears are coming to Jamaa and they are. We're already getting ready for winter, I see.
We even have a new adventure now, Twists and Turns. Lets see if you can handle this maze,..or the maze handles you! Monster at the moment, has died of confusion.

Finally the hair salon den items( no offense, this is not the best to my taste.) have hit town, as well as members can buy the Ice Armor( AWESOME!) for less! Because the Diamond Shop is now having a sale on it, members can continue working on their collections of ice armor( if they do). Aww, I'm not a member!
Speaking of the Diamond Shop, the Tiger(awesome) claw has said Goodbye and been replaced by the,...drumroll please!
..the Elephant claw.
Speaking of going away, the PHANTOM DEN ITEMS in JAM MART FURNITURE
are going away in FIVE DAYS!!!!!
Well, Night of the Phantoms is over. See ya!

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