Tuesday, November 4, 2014

About Me

OK, do not discriminate me because I'm non-member. I wish I was one, but it's not like my mom loves the idea of spending money over a game. So members, don't take it for granted and be nice to the non-members in the world. Anyways, I like awesome music plus Jam On.
Bad picture, but it looks funny XD
Anyways, my best friends in Jamaa are fullmetalbunny( don't ask me why her username is that) and Shadow619. He is awesome,and I hang out with him the most.
I only stay online for 40 minutes on Monday through Friday, a hour on Saturday, and only 20 on Sunday. My schedule is like this:
I have a few traits I made about Jammers in Jamaa and am a currrent fan of Phantoms. I am also at the moment a level 12, close to 13.

Thanks for reading!

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